Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Drawing night at Squishface studio

I went to the drawing night at Squishface studio last night and it was great. Heaps of really friendly people working in comics, sharing ideas listening to Journey! Will definitely be going back next month and highly recommend it to anyone else in Melbourne interested in drawing especially comics! Here is what I drew a sea captain.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Holiday sketches

Here are some pics from my sketchbook from all done during mid year break.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

This is a picture i'm doing for no other purpose than i wanted to draw a brain.  I picked up a couple of medical encyclopaedias from a sale at TAFE and used some pictures in them for reference. The smokey swirl thing was purely because i had just been doing it for my artist book and wanted to practice further. The triangle was also for stippling practice and composition.  The plan is to try and colour digitally, something i am very new to and again wanting to practice.  I'll post the results as they happen. 

This photo is the final line drawing traced and inked (just with a felt tip at this point) onto the good copy.  I've added the smoke into the background and finished the top of the mast which i didn't leave enough room for myself on the sketch.  

This was the sketch I used for my line drawing.  I have used it here for a quick colour study.  I haven't included the background smoke or much of the nail texture I will use.

Second thumb for Naglfar, more of a 3/4 view, there was a side note with this showing some detail for the  texture of the boat as it is made of finger and toe nails.

This is my first thumbnail for Naglfar, another page for my "artist's book".